The Return After A Downfall

Thursday, March 08, 2018

"So, I left. I did it out of nowhere, without any warnings. I just left. And I regret it." 
My last life update, if I can remember accurately, was about me creating a Tumblr . I had one before but I gave up on it. With my new account, I was fully committed, just like I was with this blog. 

It started slowly, but one day, just like that, it blew up. My tumblr was essentially story times, life experiences that I have had and I thought it would match to others fantasies, as well as my own photos. 

After I started to get known, I decided to fully commit to tumblr. Of course, there are things that I missed dearly on this blog, but fame was more important for me. I started getting asks and gaining 100+ followers daily. I just got sucked into the tumblr world and completely forgot about what was important for me. 

And finally, the worst had happened. I ran out of stories and the motivation to take photos. My followers kept demanding of me more and more. I started to feeling like an object, rather than a human. I didn't know what to do. All I know is that I got so depressed that I had to  take an hiatus. I logged off and tried to live my life. 

As an online user, I always felt like I needed to have something online. I missed blogging, taking pictures, replying to comments, and connecting with everyone. This year, I promised myself that I would avoid negative energy at all costs. So to maintain my promise, I deleted my tumblr. I said goodbye to my followers that I worked so hard to get over an year. I said goodbye to the stories. I said goodbye to everything. And here I am. In 2018, shamefully writing this post on how I left because of my new fame and then returned after I "fell super hard on the floor". 

Anyways, I will start blogging again, I just need a bit of time to rebuild everything. 

See you soon babes.

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