The Comeback Of Tumblr

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Favorite Blogger on Tumblr: Val Mercado
I hope you are all well. These days I have been thinking in exploring my artistic side more deeply. I want to be in touch with my artistic side in order to create authentic content, not only for my blog but my life in general. I was a Tumblr user a while ago but then it got boring. Everyone who I was following turned into horny creatures who couldn’t avoid to post a pornographic GIF every 5 minutes. 

It was getting annoying (and no one wants to see a d*ck in their screen), so I left. My old Tumblr is not updated and to be honest, I don’t want to continue with my old Tumblr. I want to create a whole new Tumblr, full of new content and showing the hidden parts of me me. 

This time I will be careful and I will follow people who I truly like their content. In my old one, I followed lots of people for "follow back" and in the end it just turned into d*ck pics. I will create something authentic and that expresses my feelings in the most clear way possible. 

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Expect me soon, babes.
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