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Thursday, May 12, 2016

I hope you are all well. Yesterday, I received an order from Superdrug. I ordered the L'Oreal 24h Pro-Matte Foundation, which I was dying to get my hands on. I am looking for a matte foundation that I can use this Summer, so I thought this one cold be the one. 

As soon as I got to my dorm, I opened the box to find the wrong foundation :(. Don't get me wrong. It was the L'Oreal foundation that I wanted, but not the shade. It turned out that the drugstore's website mixed up the names of the foundations with the shades. So when I thought I was buying the darkest shade of the range, assuming the name was Vanilla 11, I literally bought the real shade Vanilla 11, which is for light tones. The foundation is so light that I can't even use it as an highlighter or as an under-eye concealer without looking ashy. 

I was extremely disappointed by this. It definitely thought me a lesson: Do not buy foundations online. Although it was a cheap foundation, I won't put it in the trash. Or even return it (the returning process is exhausting, I can't go through all that just to get back £7). I will be innovative and find other ways to use it.

Expect me soon, babes.
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  1. Ohh that's a shame! I only repurchase makeup online, so I know the exact one I need... Can't risk getting the wrong one because , like you, I wouldn't bother returning it xx


    1. Yeah, for now on, I will only repurchase makeup online. I'll never put myself in a situation like this ever again. #LessonLearned hahaha.

      XOXO, IF