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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Short off-the-shoulder blouse from H&M // Joggers from H&M // Sneakers from Adidas Superstars
I hope you are all well. I am super happy because my last exam was today, so I am officially on holiday, which is extremely exciting. I don't even know what I will do this Summer but one thing is certain, I will not waste this opportunity! I'll get creative and plan crazy activities for this Summer. For some reason, this Summer, I actually want to do things, not just sit around and do nothing. I want to have fun and learn as well. I even thought about learning a new language, like I don't know, Russian for example. (Privet! That's the only thing I know in Russian, it means Hello! I don't know how to actually write it, just how you say it. hahaha.)

The outfit of the day is what I am wearing right now. I call it my "exam outfit". It is comfortable, simple and quite "summer-y" as well. Both top and trousers are from H&M (my favorite store of all times). Anyway, what will you do this Summer?

Expect me soon, babes. 
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  1. So chic and stylish! love your top!

  2. Hi Stumbled upon your blog! It's great! love your style, love your swag, love your reviews and what you have to say! ;) Happy Blogging!

    1. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate all the love!! <3

      XOXO, IF

  3. Wow! I really love the top! Florals are so gorgeous :D
    Have a nice day!