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Friday, April 15, 2016

The Face Shop Rice Brightening Water Cleansing Rich Oil // Laneige White Plus Renew Bubble Cleanser // Clarisonic Aria Sonic Cleansing Brush (White)
I hope you are all well. It's Friday night and I can't go out because on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, I have my final exams. I am super stressed out because although I am still doing a pre-university course (aka Foundation course for international students wanting to study in the UK), I need to have the best marks ever in these A-levels so that I can change from my current uni to a better one, if possible. 

Anyway, I wanted to write this post for so long, so I am super excited to show you my current cleansing routine. Skincare is everything for me, so I take every step extremely seriously. 

Every morning, I wash my face with my foam cleanser and Clarisonic Aria. At night, since I have to remove my makeup, I use a cleansing oil first to remove it and use again my foam cleanser with the Clarisonic brush. 

As you can see, the cleansers are Korean. I wanted to try Korean products for so long since they are the Gods in beauty. I bought all my beauty products in Style Korean, which is an online Korean Beauty store. I am extremely happy with the products and with their services. Regarding the cleansers, the scent, the way that my skin feels and looks afterwards, it is all worth it. Plus, it wasn't expensive and the products do what it's written on them for a change! hahah.
Tell if you had tried the products before or if you interested in buying them!

Expect me soon, babes.

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  1. I've also heard that Korean beauty products are amazing, so I'm tempted to try some out :)


    1. You should definitely try. I highly recommend it! <3 XOXO, IF