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Friday, March 04, 2016

I hope you are well. I am super-duper happy today. It snowed, although it's March. (But still, it's snow, I will be happy even it was in July, although I shouldn't... *cough* global warming *cough*). I have been on the hunt on how to achieve the perfect skin. Of course, perfection is unreachable, but I want to feel comfortable on my own skin and there is not wrong with that. I decided to invest on my skincare regimen and I bought a few products, which I am currently trying out (that's why I still haven't posted any reviews), and I also decided to learn more about our gorgeous skin. 

I bought an e-book called "The Little Book of Skincare" by Charlotte Cho. Koreans are the gods of skincare and makeup innovations. (So if I were you, I would keep up with them.) The book is amazing and even suitable for those who don't like to read (*cough* it has illustrations *cough* hahaha). 

I decided to follow the Korean 10-step skincare routine about three weeks ago and I am already used to it. It sounds like a lot of products but, after a while, you will love it, I promise (pinky promise). Charlotte Cho, the writer of this book and also co-owner of Soko Glam along with her husband, tells the story of her skin, which I found extremely similar to mine, and how the Korean beauty regimen helped her achieve a nourished and dewy skin. The book also includes makeup tips and descriptions of the Korean culture, which I also loved (and I hope to go one day). Background Sound? Needed Me - Rihanna

I highly recommend this book if you feel that your skin needs help or if you need a guide on what ingredients to use on your skin, as well as techniques to preserve that beautiful skin of yours. Personally, I find this book, the perfect beauty bible for all teenagers (boys and girls) and young adults. If you have the book, did you like it, like I did? And do you follow the Korean 10-step skincare routine?

P.S. This is not sponsored.

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