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Thursday, February 11, 2016

No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation formula has been tested to provide a shine free look for up to 12 hours. It leaves your skin shine free - essential for anyone with oily skin. Minimising the appearance of pores, leaving a more flawless complexion.
There is no powdery grey finish, associated with some matte foundations and overall looks flattering to the skin.
The formula has been tested to ensure it won't block pores and high levels of colour pigments mean the coverage is relatively opaque with a silky matte finish. Salicylic acid had been included in the formula to help unblock pores and improve the condition of the skin throughout wear.
With SPF15, it helps protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Ethanol leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed. (Description on Boots website)
I hope you are all well. I am pretty cozy right now with my favorite fluffy socks on. Weeks ago, I complained about all foundations I owned moving around and how hard it was for me to even hug someone because I would always leave a print of my face on their shirt. 

This weekend, I went to my local drugstore and I bought the No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation. It has been 4 days since I bought it and I have tried it for 3 days now. I have to say that it is my favorite foundation! I love it so much! I've never felt so safe before. I can literally hug a million people and none of them will have a print of my face on their shirts. I can touch my face and nothing will move around and hands won't be dirty with foundation. 

I use it with the No7 Airbrush Away Pore Minimising Primer and apply it with a damp sponge from Real Techniques. I don't even apply powder anymore (no need to set something that has already been set. hahaha). When I first applied the foundation, I noticed the it is super blendable and buildable. It took me less than a minute to dab everything on my face and a little goes a long way as it is full coverage, but since I have acne scars that I like to cover up 100%, I dab a second time on my problem areas. It does not look cakey or anything. In fact, it is extremely lightweight. 

Regards the longevity of the foundation, it does last more than 10 hours. (Please notice that I didn't touch up a single time during the day). In addition, in those 10 hours, it stayed completely matte. The only drawback is the smell. I mean, I don't care about the products smell, as long they do their job, but for those who are super sensitive about it, you may want to reconsider. It has an incredibly intense smell of medication while you are applying the foundation, but it does fades out. 

Overall, I love the foundation, for me, there isn't really a drawback. The range of skin tones is massive , which is a plus. I will definitely buy more and I highly recommend for those with oily skin or looking for a high coverage and long lasting foundation.

Expect me soon, babes.

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  1. I love this foundation. I havent actually used it in a while but it lasts so long on the skin. It really is great :) x

    1. Best foundation I have ever bought. I think is going to be incredible on Summer to keep oil away. Can't wait!

      XOXO, IF