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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Photo from Rihanna's Instagram 

I hope you are well. I am pretty sleepy right now and it is 21:58. It sounds bad but I have to wake up early tomorrow because of my classes, so this is a good sign. Maybe I won't be tired in a Monday for the first time. hahaha. Background Sound? Kiss It Better - Rihanna. 

I have been loving Rihanna's new album "ANTI" since it has come out. I have been waiting for her for ages. Adele kept me busy but I just couldn't wait anymore. Background sound? Work - Rihanna ft. Drake. Yet, I am still deciding if I buy the album or wait for the release on Spotify. Her new album is pretty raw and reminds me of the old tropical Rihanna.

This week, I promised myself to eat healthy and read more. I have to say that I am disappointed. I started the week by I eating in every 2/3 hours. I even worked out a couple of times. But Friday night unleashed my evil desires. Let's just say my night ended up with red wine and chicken nuggets. This weekend I did nothing. I planned to read but my eyes rejected the idea. I worked on a few projects I have but my weekend was essentially Rihanna, movies... and cereals. Background sound? Needed Me - Rihanna. 

I also stumbled on cultural appropriation concept on Tumblr. I still don't know much about it but I feel that it just divides human races as opposed to unifying them. It may be just me but always saying "This is mine and you have to say that it is mine" and etc... is a mentality that society needs to get rid of it. It won't help in anything. It won't help with hunger, economic crisis, pollution and so on. Honestly, I have never came across with the concept, here in England, Angola or Portugal, so I kind of want to say that perhaps it is an american issue? I will search more about it but I still believe it will or already is creating more hate. Background Sound: Sex with me - Rihanna.
Anyway, how was your weekend? Any news?

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