Avocados: Unusual Breakfast || LIFESTYLE

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Photo from Pinterest

I hope you are all well. Every new year, everyone makes these resolutions that they hope not to gave up on them. Well, I am like everyone else. hahaha. 2016, for me, it's going to be all about living a healthy lifestyle. I am a huge fan of fitness but I still haven't found my favorite workout. I am tired of treadmills. I want to try something fun like Zumba! A healthy lifestyle isn't just fitness. It's also what you eat. 

Therefore, I've changed my eating habits. I don't skip breakfast anymore, I eat in 3 in 3 hours and I even reduced my meals portions. For my breakfast, I am loving this combination: half avocado with a bowl of fibre cereals. Avocados are the bomb now. Everyone is eating them. You may have seen them on beauty gurus' toasts from all over the world. Avocados are considered the "good fat" aka your substitute of butter. My advice is: eat one avocado per day. Mix and Match and create your favorite avocado dish. (Ugh, it's raining so I have to close the windows. Oh English weather!)

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